Greenwich Village For Sale by Owner


Neither nor the seller is a licensed real estate broker in any state in the United States and chooses not to be licensed. Sellers and buyers of real estate have the right to privately transact real estate without the assistance or services of a real estate broker. This site is intended for marketing purposes only and is not meant to be a legal document. The dimensions, statistics, and calcuations provided in these pages are meant as estimates only. You must responsibly contract with professionals of your choosing to adequately advise you on survey, title, financing, and contractual issues. Neither nor the seller knowingly performs any duties or services which require a license.

The property represented herewith is currently financed by the seller through a major, national financial institution. All contracts are in good standing. The seller is represented by a licensed New York real estate attorney. For more information, please contact the seller.

The seller complies with the Equal Housing Opportunity Act. Sale of this unit is contingent on approval by the 12 West Ninth Street Co-operative Board.

This property is subject to prior sale.